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The Horses
The Horses
The Toolman (TJ) - Our dressage schoolmaster, an Off the Track Thoroughbred (OTTB)who raced locally with one win to his credit.  His second career was much more sucseful, an ECRDA champion now competing at third level.  Psst.. don't tell anyone, but he also loves going western to run poles or barrels for fun.
Shadow K Apollo (Apollo) - a Kentucky bred American Quarter Horse, he does it all.  Apollo has sucsefully competed at HITS and many local shows as a jumper, hunter or equitation. He has also done some competitive trail riding and gymkhana He will teach a begginer to watch their P's and Q's and he will get a more advanced rider that championship ribbon. 
Raindrops on Roses (Rosie) - a lovely strawberry roan Appaloosa Pony. This pretty young lady is on her way to becoming an outstanding hunter /equitation horse and is now showing at 2' 6".  She won the tri-County 4H Pennies from Heaven Memorial "All Round Pony" trophy in 2015.  She is perfect for our novice to advanced riders.
Don't Call Me Junior (Chance) - This flashy fellow was raised and trained by Jessica from birth. He loves to Jump!  While reserved for our advanced riders, he has the potential to really take you places.